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Aroma - Therapy

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I charge £35 for an hour, £30 for 45 minutes and £20 for 30 minutes of massage and this can be completely tailored to your requirements - back, neck and shoulder, head, feet, and of course any combination of body areas.  I am also offering loyalty cards which, when signed by me, will give you a free massage for every 4 that you purchase.  Have a look at the treatments that I offer below and then we can have a chat prior to your massage.

Relaxing Full Body

A comprehensive Full Body massage starting with a warming foot treatment and taking in feet, legs, back, neck, shoulders and head.  

Blissful Head and Face

My most popular treatment, you can either have this on it's own or combine with full body.  A blissful experience of head, neck and face massage inducing a feeling of calm and well-being. 

Restorative Feet and Legs

Let me work on those tired feet and legs!  This is very popular in the Highlands where people have been doing a lot of walking or cycling.  Relaxing and restorative massage.

Stress-busting Back, neck and shoulder

Another popular treatment! Most of us hold tension in the top of our back, resulting in pain in the shoulders, arms, neck and head.  This deep issue massage will help reduce the tension and enable better movement of these areas.


Specific problem areas, overuse, strain, pain... Deep tissue work on specific areas to induce better movement and healing.